[Her-Story] The biggest achievement so far…

Assalamualaikum wrm

I thought that to juggle between a life as a matriculation lecturer and a ‘murabbi in the making’ is the hardest for me but i forgot to take another dimension of myself into account. Me as a writer. Haha, look at this stinky site. I hardly touched my lappy to write new stories since i began my career.

Ok, lets go straight to the point. Alhamdulillah thuma Alhamdulillah. I would like to announce that my first try on writing a novel had paid off. The novel entitled ‘Satelit High 1000’ was declared as the third place winner of a space science novel writing competition organized by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and Agensi Angkasa Negara Malaysia. This is so far my biggest achievement in writing.


Lets read what the judges think about my manuscript.

Satelit High 1000-Manuscript Report

“This manuscript shows a very intelligent idea such as the role of space science technology in the satellite system, a friendship among multiracial kids of the community, citizen’s solidarity in facing a crisis, family ties and determination to overcome difficulties, besides the hard effort made by all members to fruit a success. The story are described through a group of children at the age of eleven who are trying to save a city of Johor Bahru from the fall of Satelit High 1000.

The protagonis character named Muhammad Aslam are dynamic and progressive. He is a computer master, which he learnt a lot from his father, Prof. Zul. In his attempt to save Johor Bahru from destruction, Muhammad Aslam was helped by his friends, Fasha, Faisal, Hup Seng dan Abang Wan (a form 6 student).

The plot was developed in fine pace, straight forward with suspense elements that excite the readers.

In the aspect of space science, the narrative surrounds the stories of a soon-to-fall satellite caused by the interception of moon and sun eclipses. The satellite as the main basis of the story are told starting from its introduction until its climax and resolution. This become the strength of this story which made this manuscript as a science fiction.

Languange-wise, the language use are smooth and suitable for children. Less errors in spelling, vocabulary and foreign language.

The story take place mostly at Banglo Arham, where the children operate their mission to save the Johor Bahru from destruction.

The writer use a variety of writing techniques to develop a direct-approached storyline. The use of dialogue, monologue, flashback, flash-forward and suspense electrify the readers.

As a conclusion, this manuscript has the potential as a science fiction piece for children because it was delivered in a simple yet high pace with a touch of thrill, and the elements of conspiracy, betrayal, tragedy and survival.”

-Haha, it is sure a very long report for my piece. Thank you judges for your thought. Pardon me if i failed to translate correctly in some part. This is spontaneous-styled blog post…hehe

Whatever it is, i praise Allah for this unexpected win. It is a great honor to sit with a group of talented writers such as Muzaf Ahmad, Rosli Muhammad Ali, Nazry Salam, Kaljit Kaur, Rohaidah and Kholid. To quote someone, i would like to produce a better piece after this. Thanks.


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